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Phone:0141 374 2615


Email: g1signs@hotmail.com


Urgent Print Work / Is it possible?




We are often asked to complete print jobs in a very tight timescale which are urgent.


But you have a much better chance of getting your printing done with some advance planning and it costs less too!


Often though if you call us before 10 or 11am we can assist. Here are some helpful tips.


1. Artwork must be ready or at least the text you require.

2. Payment must be made before 11am.

3. Weekend delivery is by prior arrangement and usually only a Saturday.

4. We do not have a drop in point, this does not make a job get printed "faster".



Where are we on the "printing" scale?

High res print.

Fast turnaround.

No hidden fees.





Our Approach


G1 Signs is a Glasgow based printing company. We are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed with their advertising campaigns. Please contact us for printing of any size or scale. We also have website building capabilities for newcomers to the world of Google and web searching in general.


Many businesses are coming to the realisation that without a web presence their advertising strategies are flawed to say the least. A high percentage of potential clientelle will go firstly to their computer to search for a supplier of any kind. The web provides an almost infinite knowledge base for practically every service and supply.


Incorporating a website url on signage helps considerably in the advertising process. A customer is far more likely to be open to information on her screen at home or office than simply from a billboard. Todays correct signage is website orientated.

Our Mission


f you have some ideas but do not have the time to design then please feel free to chat to one of our friendly graphic designers who will bw happy to help.


Call 0141 3742615 / 07830 525 012


or e-mail     g1signs@hotmail.com



"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." .... Mark Twain


If I suggest the word “flake”, what comes to your mind? Probably the famous Cadburys chocolate Flake adverts and with it the taste of crumbly chocolate, the smell of chocolate and maybe even the catchy tune “only the flakiest,crumbliest chocolaaat…..”!


Or maybe the words “Its good to talk” which in itself has become a popular phrase of the english language. BT , yes? Of course with all the ideas of cheap, reliable talking to anyone for however long. My point? Adverts that work are adverts that are created to be remembered.


Whether they are funny, clever, weird, cool or downright obnoxious. So the part of the print making process which is the most important is often neglected the most….spoken to several people recently who need more business now at this time but have never advertised before. Ever.


The preparation in banner printing.


We want people to get to know our business and our name but exactly how does that translate into appropriate signage for a company? We have all seen signs with just so much lettering on them that it all just becomes a blur! "Less is more" is true here.


A simple logo and name, a line about the business and a contact is ample. Several e-mail addresses, a complete list of services or products provided and lots of photos are only noticed by one group of people, that is sign writers!


An analogy: What do hairdressers notice when they meet you? Your hairstyle!


Your potential customers are not searching for you by means of signage but if the signage is clear and with good contrast, issuing a simple yet powerful message, they will notice you and most of all remember you because your graphic designer did a good job.


Which takes us on to another point?


Why should we advertise our business?


We are accustomed to seeing many a white van in our lives in fact there is of course the cliché “the white van man”. Is there a "service or supply" of some sort behind that white van or quiet little unit or shop? Who knows except the people running that business.


Of course business might be brisk and someone might feel that advertising is not necessary. I have spoken to several people recently who need more business now at this time but have never advertised before. Ever.


Another cliché…”Strike while the irons hot”. When business is good, do not hesitate! Increase your business awareness and advertising while you have the money and time . You have no idea when things might turn. Also, every time your vehicle is parked in a street, the sign will inevitably create attention and someone will call your business.

Is it someone of high importance in an organisation who wants to order a vast amount of material?You just do not know. They will just not know unless your van or premises is appropriately lettered by the appropriate sign writer or sign maker.

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