Hi there,

Thanks very much for looking at our website! If you are supplying artwork please

remember the following guidelines...


Artwork is preferred to scale and to size. If it is a large file, you can supply it at 1/4 size.


We prefer PDF files. If these have images in them, the images should be high resolution. In other words,

when the images are scaled up to the print size, they should be clear.


If youe file is at print ready size, examine it at 100% in Adobe Reader.


We can also work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Word files and many more BUT


to save times PDF is preferred with no crops, no colour bars etc.




For a roll-up banner we use different safety margins per side.

Please use the following safety margins: Top 10 mm, Left 4 mm, Right 4mm and the bottom 150 mm. The bottom part will mostly be covered by the roll-up banner stand and will not be visible.





Our professional designers can either fix/adjust existing artwork, or can create a brand new design for you at a small additional cost. Simply create a briefing for our designers and let them surprise you with a stunning design for your business or event.

Thank You!


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